Certified Reliable Controls Specialists

We are often contacted by businesses abandoned by their controls contractor, or Facility Managers who feel they are being charged exorbitant fees. Our service is second to none and our rates our upfront and fair.

We have earned a solid reputation in the industry as a Building Automation contractor that excels in client support, and that is extremely important to our company. An expedient response minimizes complaints from building occupants to management, and of course from management to us. Our entire team has a vested interested in resolving BAS related issues in a rapid and thorough manner.

Setpoint Building Automation is a "Solution Provider". Let us help you to exceed your goals!
  1. Determine the Goal
  2. Create an effective BAS design
  3. Quality hardware installation
  4. Custom programming implementation
  5. Commission the mechanical Equipment and Controls
  6. Customize graphics for proper representation of equipment creating an easy to use interface
  7. Ongoing monitoring of the operation and tune the controls for maximum occupant comfort and minimum energy use.
  8. Service, Service, Service! "The Key to a happy Customer"

Reliable Controls excels at providing solutions geared for the IOT marketplace. Having the ability to connect your BAS system to the internet has many advantages:
  • Remote monitoring of building systems
  • E-mail notifications of alarms
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device); System access with any Browser enabled device including smartphones and tablets
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Remote dealer support

Project Types
Design Build
We always look forward to being part of the team and sharing our vast knowledge of controls.
Bid Spec.
Projects big or small, we will do them all.
Whether the project requires a replacement or new BAS our team has the expertise to provide a turn-key solution.
New Construction
Setpoint has been a valued partner for many Mechanical Engineers and Constructors. We understand how important it is to complete the job on time and on budget but never at the cost of quality.
Specialty Projects
From time to time we are approached to provide a custom solution for a non-conventional project. Setpoint can help... we have an extremely knowledgeable and creative team combined with very flexible and customizable controls package.

3D Building Automation Graphics & Software

Our three dimensional graphics are state of the art, and can be customized to our client's specifications. Our in-house Graphic Designers duplicate the same piping and HVAC equipment that is in the building being controlled. Detailed floor plans can be imported from AutoCAD to provide accurate references in the graphical interface. Our software notifies Building Operators to communication problems or control failures. Alarms are triggered automatically by the Reliable Control panels and displayed in a pop-up window on the operator's computer.

Building Automation Graphics - VAV Box
We specialize in customized Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)

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